Inhumane Humanity

Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed. --Herman Melville

Monday, March 12, 2012


Apparently I'm on a chain-mail list of some ultra-righter.  I got this in my e-mail yesterday and now I'm worried that the poor soul's finger-tips are burnt to a crisp for sending this to ME.


This is the scariest election we as Christians have ever faced, and from the looks of the polls, the Christians aren't voting Christian values. OMG!!  Are people actually reading, evaluating and using their brains now???  NAHHH!  Just the usual guessing game again, they're just not voting for the RIGHT Christian. Those stupid, stupid, wrong Christians!

We all need to be on our knees. I have been for weeks, laughing so hard at Rick Santorum's moronic remarks, I can no longer stand.

Do you believe we can take God at His word? Call upon His name, then stand back and watch His wonders unfold. This scripture gives us, as Christians, ownership of this land and the ability to call upon God to heal it. I challenge you to do that. We have never been more desperate than now for God to heal our land.  Do you really think he can after we've "Been fruitful and increased and increased and increased in number; filled the earth far beyond its capacity and subdued destroyed it. Rule over poisoned the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living dying creature species that moves on the ground?" For the Bible tells us to do so!

This election is the scariest I remember in my lifetime. 2 Chronicles 7:14. 'If my people, which are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.'  I'm not absolutely certain what they're scared of, but HERE'S what scares the hell out of me. If I "call upon his name then stand back and watch his wonders unfold, we'll have diseases, famine, horrific floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, people turning into salt, people talking in different languages for building tall buildings, even more children and innocent people will die, flesh will fall from people's bodies, snakes will talk, etc., etc. 

And then he'll say "For the last millennia, this has been just a test to try your faith."  Had these been real disasters, well, YOU; the gays/lesbians (especially those in the military), Muslims/Buddhists/Hindus/Jews, abortionists, the enlightened and most of all, you morons who did not vote Christian did it, not I."

During WWII, there was an advisor to Churchill, who organized a group of people who dropped what they were doing every night at a prescribed hour for one minute, to collectively pray for the safety of England, its people and peace. This had an amazing effect, as bombing stopped. until the bombers refuelled, rearmed and returned the next night, which proves one thing - praying causes Germans to drop bombs

Hmmm!  If the United States is God's country, just what in hell does he think he was doing answering the prayers of the English during WWII?? Inquiring minds want to know.  

And there's your answer folks!! THAT'S why the prayers in England resulted in bombs dropping!!!

There is now a group of people organizing the same thing here in America. Now there's a big surprise.

The United States of America, and our citizens, need prayer more than ever!!! If you would like to participate, each evening at 9:00 P.M. Eastern Time (8 PM Central, 7 PM Mountain, 6 PM Pacific), stop whatever you're doing, and spend one minute praying for the safety of the United States, our troops, our citizens, for peace in the world, the upcoming election, that the Bible will remain the basis for the laws governing our land, and that Christianity will grow in the U.S. So! Does this mean that if I pray for Santorum (a professed Christian) and this person prays for Gingrich (a professed Christian); does "God" cancel out prayers one at a time, placing into office the candidate with the most prayers remaining? Well hell! Let's all pray instead of vote and save trees, time, money and most of all, avoid hanging chaff (hang Saddam Hussein instead).  

As for me!  I think "God" becomes so confused as to what we really want, he simply gives us the shit we keep getting as punishment for our indecisiveness? 

If you know anyone who would like to participate, please pass this along. Someone said if people really understood the full extent of the power we have available through prayer, we might be speechless. Our prayers are the most powerful asset we have.  
Thank you.  

No!  Thank you!  You've just proven what I've surmised for years; the people in the U.S. RARELY, IF EVER, use logic while at the polls.  With this sort of logic, John Kennedy was indeed as evil as Rick Santorum says he was; Jimmy Carter, one of the most ardent humanitarians of the world, is a disciple of the Devil and Martin Luther King was a trouble-making gangsta.

Sorry Socrates, you're just too damned old for the Christians to even consider, or your name would decorate the walls of shame with the other ne'er do wells, the rest of the trouble-makers who spoke out against the thougthless thought processes of the masses.
Please pass this on to anyone who you think will want to join us. Nahh! I'll take my chances with elections, even with the piss poor choices we always have.

God Bless You!!!
No!  Please!  Really, I have enough problems already - no hair growing where it's supposed to, but all kinds of it growing where it never did before; I get uglier and fatter by the day; I have to use eyeglasses AND a mangifier to see the newspaper; my libido ran off and left me behind and now gorgeous young women are cute little girls;my back hurts if I stand, my butt hurts if I sit, my feet hurt if I walk and naps that used to take 30 minutes are 3 hours; and worst of all, I used to dislike candy and love beer - all old people dislike beer and love candy;   Ahh shit!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Wait! I'm Not Clear on This Issue: Who is the Whore?

To the individuals who make up the audiences, the corporate sponsors, the radio and television stations who air people like Limbaugh; it’s time that all of America examine the intentions of the publicity seekers of this nation who proclaim “free speech” while deriding others with thoughtless, juvenile, disparaging, self-serving remarks that have very real and very negative consequences by inflicting serious harm to the individuals of whom they speak and even to those who are completely disconnected with the event.

Every year, our children in schools and innocent people on the city streets are recipients of violent actions perpetrated by others who have learned, through hate-speech such as Limbaugh's, that to harm someone is justifiable behavior if their targets are in some manner “different.”  Violent attacks by others who have no history of violence in their backgrounds have increased for years as the perpetrators seek to resolve rage, a rage stoked solely by hate-filled tirades of others who hate and mindlessly pass along that hate through mass media.

Sadly, many are very easily infected with this vitriol by what they hear from the vile, careless, corporate whores such as Limbaugh who will do and say anything for a dollar.
Rush makes about $37.5 million a year to spew this shit.  Now!  Can someone clear this up for me?  Who exactly is the whore/slut is here?

It's time to stop supporting these people who think their words are beyond reproach and the easiest way to stop their shameless trash is to simply stop listening. Sponsors will stop paying for them and the whores will fade away into the nothingness in which they belong.