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Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed. --Herman Melville

Friday, September 24, 2010

Gestapo in den Vereinigten Staaten

Irish Central

"80-year-old Bridie Murphy was stopped when entering the U.S. at Logan Airport andhad her green card confiscated. She was interrogated for  over three hours"

Well hell, at least she wasn't (or maybe she was, I don't know) placed into the ultimate bigot machine, the "NNNOOO FFFLYYY LLLISSSTTT"
Can you imagine the frustration, the fury, the dehumanization - No not hers, her two sons, who just happen to be serving in the U.S. Armed Forces in the Middle East???

WTF!!! The "established Americans," you know, the ones who moved into the neighborhood and declared the entire U.S. to now be theirs and theirs alone. The ones who decimated Native American populations, kidnapped their children and placed them into Puritanistic orphanages in order to teach them the "right way to live," have had a long-time love-hate relationship with us filthy, drunken, lazy Irishmen; but an "80 Jahre alten gaelic papierkorb für Christus willen??"
The woman has lived in Boston for 60 years and has given two of her sons to fight the immoral wars of our immoral, eunuch puppets to the elite.  Leave her the hell alone!

"I was told by them that since I was not going to be out for a full year, I would not need a reentry permit.” I bet! Some pasty-white, bloated government bureaucrat sitting in his 4x4 cubicle that reeks of fish and garlic was surely pounding his pud in anticipation of her leaving American air space.

Unfortunately, this is an example of overzealous immigration authorities applying the letter of the law in a manner that defies logic. A moment’s thought and compassion could have avoided a great deal of stress and worry for Bridie.”

No fucking shit!! And the truth of the matter is, our entire government, REGARDLESS of which side of the ballot they reside on, has turned into the same. And WE have given them carte blanch to do as they please by not speaking out when the federal pukes pass bills such as “The Patriot Act,” when we invite Pakistani military officials to the U.S. and treat them like, well, less than lepers. When turn our heads wile our government tortures "combatants," when allow corporate horders (the third leg of which our government's mouths are permanently attached) to reclaim the little advances we've made since WWII in wealth distribution.
We surely do have Gestapo in den Vereinigten Staaten and we continue to turn our heads as they build fences on the southern borders, close down American social programs for the sake of building more multi-million dollar smart bombs, missiles and hi-tech aircraft with cameras so we can watch the action.

Well look at it this way Bridie, If Mike Huckabee has his way, you're pretty old and you'll soon be joining the rest of us in the heap of rotting corpses, rotting because we had the nerve to have pre-existing health conditions, therefore don't deserve health insurance coverage, "Mike Huckabee, denounces the notion of providing health insurance to people with pre-existing conditions."

Well hell Mike, let's just throw everyone with pre-existing conditions into large ovens. That should just about do in 99% of the world's population.

Oh! But that's what it's all about, ISN'T IT MIKE !!!! Saving the world from all us cannon fodder for all the elite AND YOU, THEIR PUPPETS. You ever stop to think what'll happen to YOU when those elite no longer need government morons to control us cannon fodder???

Gestapo in den Vereinigten Staaten


  1. great rant Bob! Huck is a schmuck! I would use another word that starts with F but I'll be a lady (except on my own blog! LOL)

  2. I'll say it for you Sue...Huck is a fuck! There.

    Great rant and post Bob!