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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Don't Worry! Be Happy! Stay Ignorant!

Worried About Unemployment Benefits? Concerned About Health Care?

Well don’t be. In being pushed out of your homes with nothing to eat and no health care, you are actually doing your part to preserve democracy, in fact the “only true democracy, the democracy of the U.S.” Now don’t you feel ashamed for having been thinking such selfish thoughts as “what am I going to do now?” “What if I become ill” “How am I going to feed my children?”

C’mon folks! It’s not always about us!!!

Now, we’re all aware of the trillion dollar cost of Iraq and Afghanistan, of the multimillion dollar missiles and drones filling the skies over the two countries, that’s old news, but I thought you might want to know a little bit more about where your unemployment and health care dollars are being spent so you can feel proud to be a Mericun.

Billions (yes, that’s a “B”), have been given to the Pakistan government for some very important tasks. Just to name a few small ones:

Raising a twenty-six million dollar barbed wire fence along the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan to prevent terrorists from crossing the border.

Apparently, our multi-million dollar missiles, aircraft and smart bombs are failing, so we’re finally resorting to barbed wire tactics. I feel certain that this will work too, given the fact that terrorists are typically unable to find their way around such a barrier, especially when they find themselves in vast expanses of desolate Afghanistan where no one can see them operate.

The combination of desolation and barbed wire somehow has a mind-numbing effect on many animals, including humans it seems. I know this to be a fact, because being an Okie, I’ve never seen cattle escape barbed wire fences and stand in the middle of the road, NEVER; and I’ve never seen hunters go beyond barbed wire fences, especially when there are signs on the fence with the words “KEEP OUT” written on them.

Yes! I’m truly surprised that it has taken our government this long to use such an effective tactic. Now, if we could just use some of the barbed wire to corral the pigs in DC!!

Seventy million dollars sent to Pakistan to aid in their battle against “Taliban Warplanes.” It’s common knowledge that the Taliban use extremely sophisticated RC aircraft to attack Pakistan’s military bases and infrastructure and have become quiet adept at even using them to attack U.S. supersonic aircraft during bombing runs over Tora Bora.

The little “buzzers” are every F-16 pilot’s nightmare. I’ve heard reports of pilots actually suffering from extreme PTSD after hearing that buzz chasing them through the skies over Afghanistan. It’s about time we do something about those dreaded air aces. Apparently, the radar-deflecting capabilities of long beards dyed bright red with cheep dye exceed even the latest in U.S. stealth aircraft.

Fifty-five million to Pakistan’s Cobra helicopter maintenance. Money very well spent as they now have TWO flyable Cobras. Two Cobras with plush leather seats and teak wood trim, gold-rimmed gauges and the best air-to-air missiles for those Taliban aircraft isn’t too much to expect for President Zardari; is it?

Of course, these are just beans compared to the total that those of us unemployed, homeless and free of the scourge and useless weight of health care have committed to Pakistan alone. Oh. Speaking of health care; we can all rest peacefully in our disease-ridden gutters and alleys knowing that our health care dollars, 335 million of them, have gone to Pakistan for health care.

In total, more than 7.5 BILLION dollars has been given to Pakistan since 2002. It would be such a shame to spend that kind of money on the people of the U.S. when we could use it all to bribe Pakistan, convincing them to aid us fight the Taliban with their RC airplanes and keeping terrorists in their own pastures; don’t you think???

I feel so free and secure. Especially now that WikiLeaks is no longer a threat to our freedom and access to the secret shenanigans of government activities will no longer cause us such useless grief.

We can now enjoy our benefit-free unemployment in our health care-free nation of crystal clear democracy in utter ignorance.



Let me guess! They're divulging this due to their integrity rather than wait for WikiLeaks to do it for them.

The Christian Science Monitor:

"The numbers are staggering, encompassing more than a dozen emergency programs set up starting in 2007 or 2008. In one program alone the Fed doled out nearly $9 trillion in funds to borrowers such as Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, largely at interest rates below 1 percent. (This program involved overnight loans, so the amount of Fed credit outstanding at any single point in time was much smaller.)

Other programs, with longer-term loans also measured in the trillions of dollars.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent who led the charge for Fed transparency, characterized the new details as "astounding" and called for an investigation to determine whether banks borrowed at near-zero interest and then loaned money back to the government at higher rates.

He said the bailouts may have helped to line the pockets not only of banks in general, but also of their top executives.

'How many big banks [that] repaid Treasury Department bailouts in order to avoid limits on executive compensation received no-strings attached loans from the Federal Reserve?" Mr. Sanders asked in a statement released Wednesday'"


  1. Well said.
    There are more surprises coming on down the line.
    The Big O will extend the W tax cut to the rich.
    Austerity will come to the U.S.A.
    More social programs will be cut.
    Obama is a Corporatista.
    He has fooled the dems in believing that he is one of them.
    Oh man are they in for a effen surprise.
    How much longer will the wannabe left support this war of choice president.
    He has given the Pentagon, the MIC, all that they have asked for.
    And then some.
    The MIC beast must be fed.
    And the O team is one of them.
    They feed upon each other. While we pay the tab.

  2. Right on the tab, RZ. I know a lot of people had high hopes for Obama, but I've not trusted a politician since Nixon. Likely never will. They're worse than puppets, they're fucking Chucky incarnates.

  3. It is funny that you should mention Nixon. Thom Hartmann on xm radio left.
    Called O a Nixonian republican.
    Spot on.