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Saturday, June 03, 2017

A Fool and His Puppet Master

Image Courtesy; Comedy New York
Trump’s latest in a long string of very poorly considered political moves and thoughtless efforts will accomplish far more than he could have ever hoped.

With his absolute lack of understanding in the realm of global politics; his sub-zero knowledge of economics; even in his completely self-indulging overestimation of support for his presidency, he will achieve a great deal more than he had hoped to accomplish.

In his case; infamy is a gross understatement.

Trump’s ignorance and his overzealous attempts to appease his small, ever-shrinking base of supporters who blindly agree with everything Trump, will likely accomplish irreparable damage to his own presidency.

His foolhardy, thoughtless actions will most assuredly do likewise to the United States as well, devastating decades of efforts by Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents alike to place and keep the United States in a role of global leadership.

His actions to date alone has caused damage that will take years, if not decades to repair, and we haven’t even reached the five month mark into his presidency.  It makes me shudder to think how this bodes for us all in the ensuing three years and six months; if he even makes it that far.   

The most recent and likely the most foolish move Trump has made to date will NOT put “America First”, rather it will be placing us somewhere in the back rows of the nose-bleed section of the ball park; hell, if we can even get into the ball park.

Despite one's conviction that anthropomorphic activities is, or is not causing climate change, his decision will have a devastating effect on many aspects that will do the U.S. harm in "bigly" ways, ways not even directly connected to the climate change facts.

Here is a substantially truncated list of the damage Trump has just caused the United States with his mindless move to remove the U.S. from the Climate Change Accord.  A move undoubtedly conjured up by his puppet-master, Steve Bannon, for certainly the mindless malignancy on humanity that is Trump is far too consumed in his own minuscule world to think even beyond his own front door.

Economy:  Economically, Trump is driving us hard towards a devastating impact with a concrete wall, and not the wall he foolishly promised his fellow xenophobes.

The job growth in green industries is just beginning, yet they're outgrowing and providing far more jobs than the fossil fuel markets could possibly accomplish.

Our only hope now, is that corporations, such as those who openly oppose Trump’s foolish behavior, buying full page adds in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post;  Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Adobe, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Danfoss, Dignity Health, Gap, The Hartford, Hewlett Packard, Ingersoll Rand, Intel, Johnson Controls, Levi Strauss, Mars Incorporated, Morgan Stanley, national Grid, PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric), Royal DSM, Salesforce, Schneider Electric, Tiffany & Co., Unilever, VF Corporation, continue to protest Trump’s mindless maneuvers not only meant to appease a minute number of Trump followers, but a move of which Trump himself is too dimwitted to understand the extremely negative ramifications.

Corporations that also include Tesla and Disney Corporations, whose leaders both left the President’s Business Advisory Councils, and many more.

Along with corporations whose leaders understand the very negative impact this utterly moronic move will have, many cities and states, blue and red alike, have also taken exception to his ignorance: Austin, TX; Milwaukee, WI; Washington DC; San Diego, Ca; St Louis, MO; Pittsburgh, PA, Charlotte, NC; Massachusetts; Washington; Ohio.

Trump is very fond of claiming all news not praising him as “fake news”, but Trump’s fake claim that he is doing this for the Coal Industry is as fake and empty a promise that can be made, for the coal industry jobs losses are not due to the Paris Accord, but to automation and the very fact that green businesses are literally taking away fossil fuel jobs with competition.

Competition: The very heart and soul of business.  Yet; once again, the blind followers of partisan politics are falling for a fool’s promises that can be demolished with five minutes worth of research.

A lazy man’s preference is to let others do their thinking for them.

Global Leadership:  Rather than “Making America Great Again”, Trump is rabidly pursuing a course to demolish everything decent the United States stands for, from religious freedom and racial tolerance to global leadership. 

Between this decision and his continuous negative comments about NATO, Trump has sent the world the message that the U.S. is no longer interested in playing a leadership role among the world's nations; PERIOD!  He has effectively abdicated our role in all leadership roles, leaving other nations, as my best bud abroad clearly pointed out to me, such as Germany, China and Japan who are eagerly willing and waiting to take the position and run with it full steam ahead.

I doubt many of you, outside Trumposphere, have to think very hard to remember the results of the last time this very scenario played out in global politics.

This list of damages to the credibility, leadership, economy, simple humanitarian efforts, etc. is, as I stated, extremely truncated, for I would need to literally write a book on the harm that Trump has already caused you, me, the nation, and indeed the entire planet.

And the truly frightening thing is; he’s done so in less than five months.

Trump's "America First" nonsense is accomplishing the precise opposite of what his empty words imply.  Instead; he is taking the U.S. full speed astern, reversing decades of efforts to truly keep America a fair and equal participant in the planet’s political and economic actions.

In his zero-sum game, it must be a winner (Trump) and a loser (the entire planet); nothing else is even possible in his feeble mind.

So, you must consider; is that in fact the goal of Trump’s puppet-master, Steve Bannon too

And the answer to that is a resounding YES!


  1. Anonymous10:53 PM

    The president of France said it well in his speech. Telling Americans that the world understands Trump, but for Americans to not give up on the values the world knows they stand for. He also invited Americans to come to France and join in the effort Trump has rejected.

    The clean energy movement will continue no matter what Trump says, including the corporations of America who will follow the money which lies in the future of clean energy and the jobs and profits it will produce.

    Yes, America will be left out and lose leadership in the most important industry of the future. But we should not be surprised by Trump's stupidity. This is what he promised during the election and he won the election.

    Americans must live with the disaster created by their choice. Regrets are not enough, or acceptable to explain away the consequences.

    The world now has an America opposed to their interests and will have to act accordingly. The world will move on with the Paris accords and any American corporation wanting any part of that business will have to do business according to the regulations set by the Paris accords and the rest of the world.

    American businesses are not about to lose out on those profits and being a part of that future industry. And they have made it publicly clear, as you stated, with the nationwide ads. Screw you Trump!

    Of course your article is absolutely correct, but your intelligent words are lost on the third grade mafia like thinking of Trump and whose cronies now run our government.

    America and the world are now finding out just how stupid this guy is and the realization of just how easy it is for any idiot to become rich in our culture of opportunity, which is part of the unknown truth why millions try to get into America every year.

    Sure we have smart people who create important and technologically advanced businesses and become wealthy in the process, but we also have the hucksters who become wealthy creating games and unimportant products like spray on hair.

    Sales have been a driving force in our economy for centuries and P.T. Barnum was correct. That kind of success is as American as the empire builders of railroads and Microsoft.

    I made my money in simple household products because the numbers (every household would buy one) were obvious. I didn't need any dishonest, or unscrupulous business policies, the products sold themselves.

    Real Estate doesn't need any dishonest, or unscrupulous business policies to make money at, but Trump is just naturally a dishonest person.

    It will be interesting to see how long Trump can survive in office being so stupid, criminal, and unpopular, but if history is any guide get ready for a long nightmare.

    I am depressed at the prospects of future America, but decisions by Americans for decades has brought us this monster and I'm just glad I was around for the best America offered, the previous 50 years.

    My bad health dictates I won't be around to see America slide into a 3rd world country and feel comfortable in my actions to help it not become that, but reality tells me things will not be good for America in the 21st century. I won't be around to find out if I'm wrong.

    I hope I am wrong, but that would mean a drastic change in America from where we are now. I know America can change politically quickly, but there will have to be a huge culture change to dig us out of the hole we have dug and there is no sign that is going to happen any time soon.

    So good luck America and you will need luck, because it seems all the higher education a majority of Americas have acquired hasn't helped us at all become a more sane society.

    1. This reply will be in two separate responses, for as usual, I can't discuss much in short-hand :-)

      I often become involved in discussions on Face Book and recently one about your very points. It seems you and I think much alike. This is my response to someone's post about the ignorance and complete lack of insight of Trump's move:

      A point Naomi hits on a bit is the simple force of the economic power green energy is producing in its own right.

      As she indicates, there are forces far beyond Trump, DC and Paris; hell, beyond them all combined. A force that has a life of its own, which heals to no political bullshit or even pointed political efforts.

      That force is and will now always be capitalism.

      Capitalism itself is and will continue to drive the planet towards green energy, despite the bluffs and the outright lies of worldwide politicians and most certainly beyond the utterly stifling ignorance (and arrogance) of Trump.

      Green energy is an inextinguishable force now; like a wild fire on steroids, it will neither be extinguished nor even contained.

      Now that the green genie has been released, there’s simply no going back. Attempting to do so would be like trying to retract the printing press, disinvent the cotton gin and deny the existence of the automobile.

      Like all new profit-generating inventions, it’s hear to stay, simply due to the forces of economics and capitalism that propelled them all into our lives to begin with.

      Unlike Trumps “alternative facts”, this is an absolute fact that the climate change deniers simply refuse to open their eyes to, as they focus instead upon their blind conviction to absurdity.

      The green energy industry already outpaces coal and oil COMBINED, in growth rate and is expected to be THE top energy source by 2020. In fact; it’s already creating jobs 12 times faster than the rest of the entire economy.

      No capitalist, except maybe some moron named Trump, you know, the one with a Kirby for a head, is going to turn their backs on that, despite the incessant, ignorant whining of the anti-green people whose baseless arguments and resistance to change are absolutely futile in redirecting the course of coming events.

      Or perhaps more easily read and assimilated - what we’re seeing is the unstoppable evolution to the next obvious and logical step, green energy. And, like all change, many human beings seem to find great difficulty in dealing with it.

      While she’s spot on with the bullshit that our oil-owned politicians have and will continue to pull over on us, the simple fact is that green is full of green. And when it all comes down to who wins the battles, even the war itself, it’ll be the green; both of them.

    2. So, the good news is that, despite the lame objections by the witless anti-green folks, green is and has been creating far more jobs than all carbon-based power combined for some time now.

      However; one thing I find endlessly fascinating is the extraordinarily lame, paradoxical, objections to green energy by those who, to the very last one of them, in their fundamental political convictions, imply they should put job growth before all else.

      Yet; their perpetual argument against green energy is “it’s a scam to create wealth for the wealthy.”

      Such an argument simply can’t be more jam-packed with short-sighted, baseless and fact-free hypocrisy. For in their blindness, they refuse to see that which anyone with eyes and/or ears will say is obvious; that it’s not only real, it’s hear to stay, to continue to outpace all other industries, and to provide, even those witless objectors, jobs with which to earn a decent living.

      Unless of course, all those windmills; all those solar panels and solar reflectors; the endless array of hydro-energy dams; the power plants generating power from natural thermal energy, are mere mirages in the deserts.

      Green energy not only exists, it passed its infancy stages years ago, and is now an intractable force of its own.

      It is also creating wealth for the wealthy, and in some very strange coincidence, in doing so, green energy is also creating jobs for those same people pissing and moaning about all that wealth for the wealthy.

      Instead of foolishly raging against all those new jobs, they should be raging against the ever-increasing wealth gap - yet another paradox within the ranks of the illogical, misinformed, anti-green argument.

      I'm truly very sorry to hear of your illness. it's always bothersome to me that good people get the short end of the stick, while the Trmps of the world live on

    3. Just keep coming by as long as you like/can. I'll surely miss your awesome and welcome-informed comments if you don't.

      Isn't it a sad commentary on humanity that all can't carry on beneficial conversations on the Net? It's all but a vacuum of discourse most places, as most seem to harbor a preference for insult and run.

    4. Anonymous5:49 PM

      That's part of the cultural problem I was talking about. We need to get rid of the anger we seem to talk to each other with.

      Politicians, media, individuals, all are part of an attempt to divide Americans and build anger.

      I gave up on my blog. The trolls were really sick. They stole my ID and made sick fake blogs with it. They attacked my commentators and even attacked blogs I commented on.

      I only post anonymous now. Many places (rightfully) won't accept comments from anonymous posters. I don't go on Facebook, or other social media sites.

      I'm not missing much and I don't crave the attention those type seem to. Even normal appearing blogs tend to end up in cat fights on comment threads.

      Thanks for being an island of logical, intelligent, mannered, adult discussion in a sea of ill mannered, angry children.