Inhumane Humanity

Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed. --Herman Melville

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Congress is balking at renewing unemployment benefits and COBRA, strategizing on elections and maintaining a “frugal appearance.”

“The U.S. Senate today got the unemployment extension bill approved by the House last month, but changes have been made and a lot of political maneuvering is expected before a final vote is taken“The 65% subsidy for COBRA benefits, however, has been dropped for those who lost their jobs after May 31.

And the bill doesn't provide any more weeks of benefits for those in high-unemployment states like California who have exhausted their maximum 99 weeks of aid.”

Of course, they're cutting costs via benefits! How the hell else can they afford this?

It's estimated that the U.S. has fired approximately 3,000 Tomahawk missiles during the current War in Iraq. The average Tomahawk cost is $800,000, or COBRA benefits for 184,615 families for a full year.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost us in excess of $1, 005, 300, 000,000 as of 5 minutes ago, or COBRA benefits for 77,330, 769.23 families for one full year.

But what the hell! If we wasted money on COBRA, we wouldn't be able to do this:

Or This:

“cost is becoming a major battle ground. The House bill, after significant cuts, would cost $111 billion. Changes already have been made in the Senate version, but no cost estimate has been made.

There are also differences over whether extending unemployment benefits simply encourages those out of work to continue to accept government aid rather than take any job.”

MAN! Am I glad we have our priorities straight!

Can't have any lazy-ass Americans living off the feds when they can put that money to better uses.


  1. Thanks for posting these pictures.
    America needs to see these.
    We saw what happened to LBJ and his great society being replaced by the MIC's NAM.
    Obama is standing in the shadows of LBJ. We will not have social programs for us, or for the innocent victims of Iraq or Afghanistan. We used depleted uranium, and chemicals that we never heard of on their civilians. We have become what we hated and fought against.

  2. There are articles all over the Net about how many tons of DU is contaminating the environment in Iraq, and most of the articles are referring to just the first Gulf war.

    And here our necon friends sit, claimning justification in invading Iraq becasue of all those WMDs in Iraq.

  3. Unfortunately it is not just the Neocons any longer that are promoting the endless wars without borders.
    The Neocons are still there. They have Obama's ear.
    The Neolibs might be even worst?
    Speaking of the first Gulf attack. I am sure you are aware of April Glaspie, and her green light.

  4. I do not know if you have been here.

    Spend some time here. It has everything about Neconmania.
    Go to their individuals and check out the bios of these monsters, traitors, and saboteurs. They left a paper trail. All the dots are there.

    Enjoy. :-)

  5. It does seem our fearless leaders have their priorities mixed up. Your pictures are something else again - very dramatic.

    I have since taken it down but a few days ago I posted a video from Onion satirizing today's media. The "newsmen" were interviewing a fellow who flew a hot air balloon across country to protest horse abuse. But the "newsmen" only focused on the balloon and not the horse abuse. There were a few frames that were pretty grotesque, no doubt about it, but my friendly commenters were quite upset at the pictures and not the media for being so superficial.

    It will be interesting to see what the reaction is to these grim photos. Excellent post.

  6. RZ - you're right. We had high hoeps for Obama and the Dems, but once again, they sold us out to the elitists.

  7. RZ - the rightweb looks damned interesting. Thanks man!

  8. tnlib - when it comes to seeing reality, some like to stick their heads in the sand, or up their asses, whichever they prefer.

    It's probably easy for me to say, for I didn't see the comments, but you should've told them to go pound sand. You ahve the right to see things the way they truly are. We're so accustomed to having the media filter shit so we see it "the American way" that it's tough for a lot of folks to deal with reality.

  9. magpie -thanks ol' friend.