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Monday, July 26, 2010

Hold'er Steady - ah - ah

The pilot in this chase plane sounds like she's really enjoying the flight, directing the new F-35 Joint Strike Force fighter jet.

I can't imbed this video, so select the URL. When you arrive at the site, select select "F-35 Test" then select the video "AA-1 Tests Afterburner during 5th Flight: Highband"

She's just using the g-force "grunts" or Hick maneuver to counteract the effects of g-force on her body, but the female voice is intoxicating.


  1. So, here I am looking for this in that morass of choices, and then it tells me windows media player has a problem with the file, and I close it out, and it loads anyway. Now I have to figure out I need to click the play button because it ain't going to automatically play, at which point I am thinking to myself, this better be worth the was. Har har har.

    I wonder where she's stationed...I am known for my airplane noises at appropriate times.

  2. Amazing isn't it?? I think the flight test is in Texas. One of the other videos listed mentioned Texas.

  3. is this another sex post?? Bob whats up?? YOU?? LOLOL!

  4. I have a feeling this is going to be another ---OOOOPS--- thread. :-)
    Is it an advertisement for a [Mile high club]? Any one remember that. LOL
    I got close once, late at night.

    I can hear wake up, and lights out bugle from Luke Air Force base here in Az. That is how close our house is to the base. The F35's are suppose to find a training home base here.
    I always watch the F16's and other Jets all loaded up take off and land.
    Makes one wonder how it would be on the receiving end.

    Why do so many people still go to air shows? :-)

  5. Sue you are a person of rare insight...ha!

  6. I don't know Sue.

    I just don't know what's gotten into me lately. My wife seems to be perplexed too, her green eyes flashing at me with red warning signs.

  7. Maria Sharapova grunts a lot. Maybe you should watch more tennis.

  8. I've seen/heard that and she is definitely the hottest tennis player EVER.