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Monday, August 23, 2010

Is America Becoming a Third World Country?

A question posed by Cahir O'Doherty in “Irish Central

O'Dohery's question and ensuing article sums it up damned well as far as I'm concerned, a resounding YES.

“The main characteristics common to Third World countries are a high level of debt, an income distribution concentrated to the top 1% of the population, and an economy based on export of raw materials and import of manufactured products.”

"Whilst the conservative right keeps its voters hypnotized with the latest shell game involving God, Guns and Gays, the ordinary citizen has had his wallet pilfered or her purse snatched, over and over.

Of the $1.7 trillion in tax cuts taxpayers received through 2008, high-income households received by far the largest - not only in amount but also as a percentage of income - which dramatically shifted the concentration of after-tax income toward the top.

The income gap is expanding now not because the middle class is losing income, but because the incomes of the wealthiest are skyrocketing.”

The article is disturbing enough, pointing to a very real likelihood that the US is on the fast track to oblivion, but what’s even more disturbing are some of the moronic comments posted related to the article.

Posted by snuffey

“As long ae the Great One and his Neo Communists, are in office things in the USA will continue to grow worse.”

Posted by

"you forget about the illegals that are helping to increase the income gap. not only that, but being illegal and not paying taxes, putting their children into our educational system, hospitals, welfare systems, etc, is a huge hit on our support systems that the middle class must support. lets face it, the illegals dont squat in upper income areas, they make their ghetto in the poorer sections of cities and towns. they do not contribute their fair share to our system. how much do they send home to mexico each year? every dollar sent to mexico is one less spent here"

Posted by “hancock”

“America has got the fattest poor people in the world. 123% fatter than the rest of the world, 1205 % than the "third world" and 58% fatter than 20 years ago. They receive 10000% more in welfare, and you don't have to be a citizen to receive some of these benefits. Some even have cell phones and color television. They receive free education, although many do not use this option do to time constraints”

hancock - Phenomenal solution, complain about fat poor people. That'll turn our country around in a matter of seconds. You make me proud to be an American. Let me guess, you're a member of one of the maniacal tea parties with illiteracy stamped on your forehead like a badge of honor.

But I did find one ray of intelligence in the posts

Posted by CitizenWhy

“Severe differences between rich and poor, and a shrinking, debt-ridden, anxious middle class is an inevitable result of an overextended military empire that ironically reaps no economic gains from its hugely expensive imperial adventures abroad. An anxious middle class is prone to buy into the panic mongering and bigotry of the far right, whose voice in the US is Fox News. In the US a college education is promoted as the way to economic security yet the costs of college education, even at public colleges, have skyrocketed, making college out of reach for the working poor and lower middle class. ... The US could easily reverse course by ending its military operations abroad, shrinking its defense/war budget, raising taxes on the wealthiest, and levying a surtax on corporations headquartered in tax haven countries.”

CitizenWhy - America has been sliding down this path since the end of WWII when the rich elitists and politicians learned they could earn massive profits from war. The Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War I & II, Afghanistan, etc...

Some of the richest companies and people in this country are connected in one way or another to the US war machine and as you so aptly stated, as long as we keep taxing and borrowing to wage war around the world, we're going to follow in the footsteps of the rest of the imperialistic empires in history - relegated to a few pages in a history book, taught by inept history teachers to disinterested children. It is not a coincidence that the gap between the poor and the rich coincide with war-waging elitists in the US.

While the US wages war around the world, the elitist media continues to tell the poor that they are "the heartbeat of America," the "working middle-class," all the while those "working middle class" are working two and three jobs to pay their mortgages on their double-wide mobile homes on rented land (you guessed it, owned by the upper class) (pay attention here hancock, this is for you) and eating junk food because they don't have the time to prepare meals with healthy food and they surely don't have the time to get proper exercise, they barely even have time to sleep between jobs.

AND of course they are the ones who send their children off to war, because the education system has failed them and typically there’s NO option but military. Look at the statistics of military population and you’ll see a very large gap between the lower income class and the upper income class with the lower income class comprising most of our military personnel.

Look around the world; it’s not a coincidence that countries that spend extraordinary amounts of their budgets on war become relegated to a smaller role in history. England prior to WWI was a massive worldwide power. Post WWII, the US has taken on that role as England shrank its empire. In his writings, “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: Economic Change and Military Conflict from 1500 to 2000” Paul Kennedy aptly points out that “military spending by hegemonic states eventually becomes excessive and a burden on its economy, finally leading to economic ruin.”

Nope, there is no coincidence here.


  1. We are entering the Lost Decade or Two.
    We are now a Hamburger helper Republic.
    We went from creditor, to debtor.
    China does not need nukes to crush us.
    They can do it by hitting a different button.
    The financial button.

    Wake up America we are fucking BK. And the whole world knows it but us.
    Chimerika is here.
    The Global elites, the International Bankster Cartels have brought this upon us.
    And we and our bought and paid for Congress Cretins allowed it, and profited from it.
    Do not blame China. Blame us.

  2. It's a sad, sad world we live in but some comic relief from those comments was nice, they sounded like lisa!! Oh wait, that's not so nice...

  3. RZ - Until we have a decive change to the Constitution of the United States, we're going to stay on the path of self destruction and there'll be nothing stopping it, but the evolutionary stages of capitalism,and that next evolutionary step being Fascism

    Yeas Sue - the comic relief is a laugh on their ignorance, but that ignorance is exactly what will keep us heading the direction we are.

    Thanks to the both of you for visiting me.

    Check this guy out, he's phenomenal

  4. I agree.
    We have not hit bottom. When we do it will be a splat.
    It is not written in stone that the states will always be united.
    At this rate there is a strong possibility that there will be a regional America.
    America is not too big to fall. The Constitution should be changed every X years to meet the new day. The Empire mind set must change.


  6. I've always found disputes in history when I read and those disputes always point back to the moronic history lessons we were brain-washed with the first day we attended school all the way through the last day, hence "The U.S. democracy and the Constitution is the will of God and the only true democracy."

    It worries me that people in the U.S. don't learn more "truth" in our history and our politics, rather they accept the comfort of what's been shoved down their ignorant throats, finding it much less difficult to deal with the status quo than to learn and fight for something better.

    We need a more progressive government willing to review the Constitution and make changes that fit with the times.

    Hell, our Constitution at one time forbade voting rights to women, blacks and those who did not own property. Too many people see the Constitution as an indelible document, so sacrosanct that to change it would be sheer blasphemy.

    I say it's time for BIG change, if it's not too late. The elitists have done a remarkable job in convincing a large volume of people that their lives are "good" and should remain status quo and the sad thing is, too many people believe that.

  7. Exactly.
    At that time 4% were allowed to vote.
    We actually have been existing for the State. We give them our young to die for their wars. We allow Corps. to control our finances, and our govt.
    We allow the MSM massage our brains into submission.

  8. I read a blog on Open Salon yesterday by a very astute Constituional lawyer whose history knwledge is impeccable. He had some very fascinating information about the Constitution I'd never heard before. Check it out when you have the time.

  9. Thanks for the link. I bookmarked the site. Great article and the comments were excellent. :-)
    Many of the founding fathers were also Free Masons.

  10. RZ is exactly right. The US will dissolve into at least 5 separate republics, and it will largely be for the same reasons the USSR collapsed.

  11. Jolly Roger - I can see the cause as similar to the USSR collapse, but I'm durious as to what you're thinking related to the 5 separate republics. Why 5?

  12. IMO If I may.

    I have talked about this for some time.
    A regional states is bound to come.
    Regional states that can sustain themselves with their local energy, resources, labor force, etc.
    They will still answer to a Federal Govt. But only in dire need.
    The number is not important.
    It could be 3-4-5-6-7-8-. Red or Blue will not be a factor. Only economics, resources, and labor. Different regions have different needs. And have different attributes.
    They would be able to answer for themselves. Separate states will not work. Most are too small and can not sustain themselves as we have now.

    The West/N/W--S/W,panhandle states.--- The deep South -- Mid West-- Rustbelt---East. Or some other combo.
    People will be on the move when this is declared.
    Sort of like after WWII in Germany when the Germans fled from the Russians to get in the Western sectors. LOL
    This is where the red, blue comes into play.:-) Guess which region would be seen as the Russian sector? LOL

  13. Ahh, makes sense RZ. Thanks. I was just thinking about this and if it does happen, I wonder how badly the freeways will be clogged with people moving around.

    Frankly, I'm too sure that would be all that bad. I'm not absolutely sure about which would be the Russian sector, but DC will surely have to change its name to New Moscow :-)

  14. Just as the world is becoming regional, so will America.
    It goes back to the Trilateral Committee. They saw the Eurozone, The North American Union, and Asia. England was suppose to get the EuroZone, D.C. the Nau. Japan was suppose to get Asia. This was why they called it tri. The rest of the world would be their play ground. That has drastically changed.

    Now I believe there will be more regions. The Eu will be led by Germany. Russia will get most of their satellites back plus a slice of Central Asia. China will get Asia [ASEAN, SCO].
    D.C. will get the U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico, possibly Colombia.:-) Brazil will get C/America, and S/America. Africa will be up for grabs. The M/East and most of C/Asia will be shared among the big boyz. Here is a great link to an upcoming region

    Look at what they are doing. Then think about the abyss that we are stuck in. Enjoy

  15. RZ - the URL you left me doesn't work. It looks like it might have been cut off part way. Could you provide it again? It sounds interesting


    If it does not work google global arab network. I get their update emails. You will not see any of this on MSM.

  17. Thanks. I'll check it out.

  18. Cool place. There's an article about upcoming China on the front page. You're right, the MSM would have collored the hell out of that. Got it bookmarked for my daily news fix

    Thanks RZ

  19. I will post an interesting post on China tomorrow.
    China is always on my radar.

  20. This is my email address.

  21. "It goes back to the Trilateral Committee...."

    Them, and the Elders of Zion, the Gnomes of Zurich, and the Living Elvis.

    Seriously, stop playing La Rouchie/ militia games and get back to reality.