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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Twaddle, Tripe, Drivel and Other Preaching

The anti-Muslim fervor has stretched across America. Shamefully we have become more like the hate-mongers of Nazi Germany with each passing day.

When we can read a news article from traditionally conservative organization The Christian Sicence Monitor defending President Obama's lack of religious conviction, we have to wonder just what the hell is going on in the U.S. today to prompt such wide-spread hatred for another's religious preference, their secularism, their sexual preference, their preference for oatmeal in the morning rather than Grape Nuts.  WTF!!!

Hell, the one-time heartland of the socially liberal, California has become another hotbed of hatred against Muslims.  Time Magazine couldn't have caught the bigoted, predictably hypocritical attitude in the U.S. today better when they printed the words of Pastor Bill Rench:

Pastor Bill Rench, whose Calvary Baptist Church sits just across the cul de sac from the mosque site, says Islam and Christianity are like "oil and water" and that Islam is "intolerant at its core". He argues that when Islam becomes dominant in a society, "you also see a repression of freedom of speech and religious expression. In my view, building a mosque in Temecula would act as a magnet. It would embolden the more aggressive acting on the beliefs." In an interview with TIME, Rench accused the Imam of refusing to disavow Islamic terrorism. Harmoush says this is patently untrue. "Unconditionally, I have explained to him (Rench) and others, that I disagree and condemn all sorts of violence by the mentioned organizations," Harmoush explained. On Tuesday, Rench and Harmoush squared off on CNN in an interview conducted by John King. They did not bridge their differences.

Intolerant at its core??? Jesus H Christ!!! What religion could possibly be more intolerant than the Baptist Church??? Maybe the Mormons, but even they seem like Sunday morning liberals when compared to the Baptists who loudly and lewdly proclaim their hate for gays, other religions and simply put, ANYONE who doesn’t believe exactly as they do.   Does Westboro Baptist Church ring any hate bells???

Again from Time Magazine

"At a local shopping center, Disa Dearie, a 39-year-old mother of four and born-again Christian was not hostile to the local project, although opposed the New York City one. "I don't have a problem with the mosque down the street," she said. "[But] I have a problem with the mosque in New York at Ground Zero. The mosque in New York is an aggressive affront to our nation. I believe in religious freedom, but a landing gear fell on that site..."

So does this mean that the U.S. Navy should never be allowed to sail its vessels in the Strait of Hormuz after we shot down Iranian Air 655 killing 290 passsengers?

Surely a wheel or two fell there as well.

Personally, I would rather see an end to ALL religions. They are the blight of humanity and are the single most prominent reason for murder and mayhem in the world today, but if one, such as the Baptists, is allowed to live in peace and harmony in Temecula (and of course New York City), then they need to do as they preach, the Godly/Christian/Love and Peace thing and shut their fucking mouths. Maybe then we'll see an end to the disparagement and embarrassment they bring to the U.S. They need to stick with the meaningless twaddle they espouse every Sunday morning and keep their moronic babble out of our faces.

Contradiction is a seriously unbecoming trait of the perfect.


  1. This is not a sporadic out burst.
    These are not singular blips popping up across the country.

    This is a verbal crusade. It is being designed, engineered, and being distributed through out our country. By a very select few. It is more hate and fear opiate for the masses.

    This is not about a Mosque.

    It is about our freedoms, morals, and our way of life.

    It is their fear, ignorance, and lack of self confidence that is driving this disinformation.
    Today it is Islamophobia at its finest moment. Whose turn will it be tomorrow?

    I guess they can always go back to [Guns, Gays, and God].

    Harry Reid showed that he would rather get elected than stick to what America is all about.

  2. Yes, I suppose the skin color issue has run out of steam and they're moving on to something else hate can attach itself to.

    Harry Reid exemplifies Nevada politics - say whatever you need to stay in the chair, just don't fucking dare tell the truth.


  4. That's what I said..Islam is intolerant and Christianity is tolerant?? Tolerant of what, of who??

    The whole fight is outrageous. Like you say, what next? First it was race, now religion, SF says the left is doing it all so we don't talk about the failure of Obamanomics! lol!

  5. Osama Bin Laden has succeeded hasn't he? He wanted a world drawn apart by faith and intolerance... and now the anti-Mosque brigade are giving it to him.

    Personally I don't hold with militant atheism either. We don't want to replace religion with another creed that says you MUST believe there is no god.

    That doesn't lead anywhere we really want to go...

  6. My thoughts exactly, Magpie. It's kind of like replacing one addiction with another.

    These people are not happy unless they are spewing some sort of nonsensical hate. Personally I think it will only help liberals and moderates in the end. Signs are there that there's already some erosion. Palin is scheduled to speak in Jacksonville, Fla. this week. They had to move her talk from a 3000 seat theatre to one with 600 seats because of a lack of ticket sales. It's these kinds of little chinks that can signify a major earthquake.

  7. I saw a bumper sticker the other day that read: "Science flies you to the moon; religion flies you into buildings."

    I'm with Boomer on wishing religionists would go back to preaching to their adherents and leave everyone else alone.

  8. Sue - it seems we just never find a way to get to the middle ground anymore. Everyone must be one way or another, or they're ostracized

    Magpie - I agree. ANY militant behavior is dangerous. It's what's fed wars for centuries.

    Leslie - the problem is that those 600 people are so damned boisterous, they make life miserable for the rest of the 307 + million of us :-)

    Shaw – I’d love to find that bumper sticker. I’m typically not a fan of the things, but I love that one.

  9. Thanks all for your comments. As always, i enjoy your company